Lili's Quest | Week 3

13 Jun 2020

After the first two weeks and now well into the third week I am starting to get a feeling where I have to go with the code structure to make it work. This week I got the “use” system for the mutagens (the items which cause mutations) and for items to work. Not sure if I should combine those at some point and make them all just carry effects, but we will see where it goes from here. Also due to a lot of refactoring these things are now acting as “systems” on all entities, which should be the first step to not handle the player in a special way. Position changes are still handled in a messy way, though.

Small things: I am also working on getting the UI separated from the main “game” package, to make it easier to update the UI later on. Also simple room changes are now working via portals/stairs/”+”-symbols on the map.


If anybody wants to follow my learning progress, the code is now available here: GitHub

Please do not take that code as a guide how to do things, that’s my first game and it is still a mess (but it’s getting better!) ;)

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